Upcoming Event

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

April 19th – 21th, 2019

Calgary, Alberta

Host:  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

Pastor, Balm of Gilead Evangelistic Ministry

Friday April 19th:          10:00am  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

                                          7:00pm  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

 Saturday April 20th:   10:00am  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

                                           7:00pm  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

 Sunday April 21th:        10:00am  Pastor Joseph Dodjro

                                           7:00pm  Pastor Joseph Dodjro


#2, 7640 Fairmount Drive S.E.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone:  1-403-453-0447


Africa Mission Trip

Dearly beloved,

Subject: Short Term Mission

After a couple of decades of ministry in Canada and to Canadians of all stripes, it is now impressed upon my heart to make an historic trip to my home country (Togo) for a short term mission.

Countries to visit: France, Togo, Ivory Coast

Dates: from March 1st to March 26th, 2019


–          Leadership Training to 250 Pastors in Togo, 400 Pastors in Ivory Coast

–          Formation of ministerial association for Local Evangelical Pastors in Togo and Ivory Coast

–          Visit to two Local Orphanages (one in Togo, one in Ivory Coast),

–          Visit to local prayer camps in Togo and possibly in Ivory Coast

The trip will first take me to France for a short stay to gather some academic and ministry training materials for Pastors in Togo and Ivory Coast.

I am excited about this trip and this opportunity to minister to all kinds of people groups in West Africa and invite you to join me.

It is often said that there are three ways to participate in a mission: to go, to pray, and to give toward the mission. Though you may not be able to go with me this time, I am extending an open invitation to you on subsequent trips and trust that you will be praying for me on this one.

Most of all, I am inviting you to consider making a special charitable donation (tax receiptable) toward this trip, as the Lord leads.

As you know, the budget of this type of trip includes,

–          a round-trip ticket from Calgary to Lome

–          local transportation, lodging, meal

–          personal travel allowance

–          miscellaneous

–          and possibly gift to the local ministries there.

As the Lord leads, you are welcome to indicate and send your special mission seed offering or donation by mail, by etransfer, or in person between now and February 27th to enable me achieve this goal, this third month of the year, to the Glory of God.

Much grace and peace.

Pastor Joseph DODJRO